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Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot Trainer (3DBT-61)

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Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot Trainer (3DBT-61)

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  • Patient who needs rehabilitation of the upper arm (arm, shoulder)

Product use

  • It is a product developed to enable upper and lower extremity rehabilitation exercises actively and passively by attaching a robot arm attached to upper limb robot in a sitting position. Through the game, It is a medical device that can do.


  • Horizontal, inclined, vertical
  • Active, manual, resistive, auxiliary training possible
  • Individual training areas can be set
  • Ability to evaluate muscle strength, range of motion and exercise performance
  • Arm height adjustable
  • Real-time feedback function
  • Remote Assistance


  • Product size: Body 800 x 500 x 1,120 mm
  • Rating: AC 220V / 230V, 50 / 60Hz
  • Maximum force: 50N
  • Allowable load: Down / Up = 320N
  • Operating freedom: 4DOF
  • Maximum resistance: 5N
  • Weight: 200Kg
  • FULL HD screen


  • Main unit, monitor, keyboard, arm support, game contents, programs.

Upper Limb Training Contents

  • Through various training contents, upper extremity rehabilitation patients can enjoy training.

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