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3D Balance Trainer (3DBT-12)

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3D Balance Trainer (3DBT-12)

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Balance Trainer (3DBT-12)

3DBT-12 is a rehabilitation treatment equipment to improve the condition of body by training of shift of center of gravity horizontally and bending the knee joints vertically for the patient who needs lower limb rehabilitation. It has the function of assessment of balance of body by measuring the difference of left and right weight and the degree of bending the knee joints.
The improvement of balance of body can be checked by the accumulated data for a certain period. All the trainings are composed of games interesting to the patients, so that the effect of treatment can be maximized.

*Diversified game softwares
In addition to the game software for horizontal movement and vertical movement training , 3DBT-12 added two different soft wares;

  1. a game software for intensive care patient who is not able to bend his knee joints for training horizontal movement training only and
  2. a game software for the mild case patients who want to restore his gait ability with intensive training, a compound exercise of horizontal shift of center of gravity and bending of knee joints.

With an elegant, patient's safety oriented design concept, this machine can be used widely in the hospital and in the rehab. clinics and public health centers.

Characteristics of product

  • High-tech balance trainer for lower extremities integrated with medical patents and IT technology
  • Assessment of balance of lower extremities
  • An accurate an right rehabilitation based on the medical science
  • Training equipment to realize an excellent rehabilitation effect in a short time of use
  • Economic model with the same function and effect as 3DBT-02
  • Simple to move and install


  • Function to assess left/right weight balance state of patient
  • Iinitial data configuration function
  • Sensing horizontal and vertical movement of body and integrating it with game
  • Data saving function of training effect
  • Flexibility of adjusting the training level adapting to personal condition.


  • Foothold section, display section, mechanical main body, tilt sensor, adaptor


  • max. applicable weight of patient: 140kg
  • motion range of knee joints: -70 ~ +70
  • 15 inches touch screen monitor
  • Size: 866x1,357x1,190(L x W x H)[mm]
  • Operating voltage: AC220V
  • Power consumption: 30W
  • Frequency: 50~60Hz
  • Adaptor: AC 220V in / DC 12V out

3D Balance Training Contents [3DBT-12]

  • Through various training contents, patients can enjoy training.

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